Papa Pear Saga Level 111, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

111Task:Remove 45 carrots.

So before you think this level you will never pass,check our second video where you can see how to make Fire papas that will help you to remove those carrots.First shoot on the wall so papa can bounce on red or/and yellow chillies, and you can get 2,3 even 4 fire papas, and that the fun can start ;).

You can make multipliers by shooting red and white radishes till they are gone.
Inbetween the berries on the right and left is fire Papa’s.
You will have to shoot down through the bamboo to get the carrots there.
Make sure you use bounces off of berries etc to help.

Video link for 1 star:

Video link for 2 stars and how to make fire papa:

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    I’m DONE! I do this for fun and relaxation. I’m NOT a gamer.When it’s not fun anymore it’s time to move on. Was great for a while though.Adios me amigos


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