Papa Pear Saga Level 114, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


Light up the buckets,

get 240 000 points.

You have four doublers in between the blueberries which helps out alot with points and getting the buckets.
The spinner/portal helps as well and pops a Papa out on the left side.

Level 114 in Papa Pear Saga contains one natural multiplier. It is quite important that you use it as fast n the beginning as possible.

There is a moving Bamboo over the second bucket that go’s up and down.Try to get a Papa on to it while it is down so that you can get a Papa through the portal to the 1st bucket.

If you are lucky sometimes if you have a bouncy one it will go over the top to the left side and not into the portal. You can also light up the fifth bucket with TWO papas going through the middle gap from the the moving bamboo. The first papa going through the gap will bounce back and go to bucket #4, and sometimes also the second papa you try to get into the gap does that, but the third always light up the fifth bucket.

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  1. Hans Wurst

    If you shoot over the blueberries to the left bamboo there is a good chance that the papa will exit to the left area. But then it is all luck in which bucket a papa lands, and in 90% it won’t be the center one.

    To the right side it is also too much random when and if a papa gets into that whirl or through the gap. Again to many just go down into the second bucket from the right 🙁


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