116Papa Pear Saga Level 116, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Starting Papa’s 22.
Remove 42 Berries.New update !!! Remove 65 berries.

Paula’s tips: Start by shooting the middle bubbles and then go for the melons clearing your way down to the lower berries.

Editor’s tips for Papa Pear Saga, Level 116: Start with clearing out the left side hand melons.

The King devs sometimes change the level layouts, I am not sure if it just feels like it is almost always to a harder version than the original, I am pretty sure that it is not just a feeling.

In Papa Pear Saga the Spanish developers seems to just love the papas and hoard all the papas for themselves. That is probably why we are seeing less papas on some levels. Must be! Mustn’t it? 😉

This is the stripped of papas version of 116 with only 22 pears, you can watch the original version last in this post where the fast ones could pass Papa Pear Saga Level 116 with more papas(26).http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dR1YSOZmiGY

New video with 65 berries:



How to make Fire Papas at Level 116:


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7 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 116”

  1. Jimmy

    My version requires 65 out of 67 blackberries, and the layout are very different without bombs, but with a double pin and 2 grand pins.

  2. Jimmy

    My version requires 65 out of 67 blackberries with a very different board. There were no bombs, and there are 2 grande pins and a double pin.

  3. Gabriele

    Why does level 116 makes my game go off? I lose almost all my lives before I get it try it 1 time????????


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