Papa Pear Saga Level 122, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


122Task: Light up the buckets + 10,000 points
You have 14 Papas to light up 2 buckets that have 2 cover also.Try to hit left Rainbow papa pin cause that way you will light on bucket and be aware of watermelons because they are here to mess up the way that you are shooting papa.

In November 2013. they have updated level 122 so it is not so easy anymore to burst a bubble and those spikes aren’t helping either. We have a new video for you, good luck!
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Video before the update:


New video for level 122 (HARD)


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  1. Pat

    I’m missing any hint how to get a papa in a bucket at all.
    My idea: Hit the lower edge of the left bamboo, the papa will jump on the asparagus and then onto the right bucket.
    Once you have that, you need a lucky bounce to the right that will hit the color stone.


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