Papa Pear Saga Level 126 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins



Task: Remove 12 onions and get 58,000 points
With 12 papas you have to remove 12 onions that are moving all the time in the game so first what you need to do is shoot your papa on the left wall and it will go to right wall and make you Fire papa that will remove you at least half of onions and the rest you will shoot from your papa bucket 
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7 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 126”

    • Pat

      The trick is not to shoot most high, but a little bit lower than that, and then the paps will bounce to the other side.

      • Pat

        But making fireballs is almost completely useless. They will be at places where you cannot reach them, or – as usual – they will just go down the bucket without hitting an onion.

    • Pat

      You have ti aim lower, just above the carrots, then the papa will make the full way back. But the side does not matter.
      However a fire papa will often be placed so far out of reach that it hardly can be hit, and if so, it will just burn its way down, not hitting many onions.
      A dumb level 🙁


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