Papa Pear Saga Level 129 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins



Task: Bring down 2 fruits and get 160,000 points
You have 30 papas but don’t worry you will need them all because of course it will not be easy task to bring down 2 fruits in the first bucket from the right side.Get that 1 multiplier shoot the onions to get fire papa and more points remove a cover on the bucket that you need and then your 2 fruits will bounce a little but you will get them here is the video link :




NEW VIDEO, December 2014. :

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9 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 129”

  1. mari rios

    My level 129 : are all my buckets with lids and is imposible to pass this level Im watch the videos and not the same level in you tube no lids .

  2. Brad

    Level 129 only gives me 16 pears with ALL lids closed on iPad app making it almost virtually impossible to pass. Definitely NOT 30 pears to use nor does it look like any of the YouTube vids

  3. Hans Wurst

    Now its 16 Papas, and 40.00 points, and all barrels closed with lids, and all the cactus above them – bullshit level.

  4. Pat

    What’s the point of getting the fire papa? It will just go down the bucket after having wasted a lot of the few papas you get 🙁
    One of the most useless tips on this site so far.

  5. Pat

    The correct strategy is: Remove the onions on the right side to let the fruit drop, then bring them both down to the right bucket, and open that lid.

  6. Pat

    Whenever you hit the multiplier, the papa will jump back against the blue fruit and push it to the left, so the level is lost. What a daft design is that???


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