Papa Pear Saga Level 135 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins



Starting Papa’s 14.

Needed drop 2 fruit.
Well as I have said before this one is a sticker.
Shoot the red radishes for a multiplier.
The green radishes are moving again, you have to shoot in and hit the fruit off.
Good luck.

Tips by a member of Papa Pear Saga Help group Marie Nielson:
I was able to complete it when I bounced the ball off the right wall into the upper right hand corner of the square. Than do the same to the upper left hand corner. It took me along time to complete this level.

Video link:
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2 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 135”

  1. Pat

    The first thing that doesn’t work like in the video is that you cannot take out the red peppers like that. The papa will eventually always bounce to somewhere else, never hitting both two times.
    the next thing that does never work like in the video is the multiplier, which will always hide under some radish, unable to be hit. So you can never make the needed points.
    The third thing that doesn’t work like in the video is that you cannot make a fruit moving off the coconut when hit by a papa. the papa will just bounce off, and the fruit will not move at all.


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