Papa Pear Saga Level 136, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


Starting Papa’s 14.
Colour up all 5 buckets.
New things have been added for these Sweet Home Savannah levels

It is tins with question marks on them. Who knows what lies in them?

You have to hit them and see, but beware! They may hold spiky melons, or some goodies for you.
You are able to make multipliers easy by getting rid of the radishes while opening the buckets.
Enjoy this one, it is fun!
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4 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 136”

  1. Susan

    Fun? Frustrating is more like it! 14 Papa’s to get 4 lids off and color 5 buckets. That would take 17 Papa’s if none were wasted and none did more than 1 thing. I’ve played it over 50 times and have only gotten close once. I’ll give this another couple of days and if no success, then it will be bye-bye Papa Pear and on to something else.

    • Pat

      Make fire balls by shooting at the left and right wall several times, then use them. This will open lids and fill buckets. When you remove the peppers, you will gain two multipliers.
      So you can score even over 600,000 points!

  2. gary s

    I hope you didn’t give up, Susan. I was stuck on this level for a couple of months(!) But finally, by angling for fireballs and getting really lucky, I managed to crack it without bonuses. Easily the toughest level so far.

  3. Pat

    That was easy. Just made over 600,000 points in my second game.
    This is the trick: Shoot high off the left and right wall to get two fire papas, then use them immediately. They will open two lids and probably fill the buckets, too. With more fire papas and grandes in the tins, the level is quickly done.


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