Papa Pear Saga Level 139 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins



Starting Papa’s 22.

Needed 300,000.
Shoot straight at the bubbles to make them burst.Then it is a case of using the peas to help make up your scores.You do start off with 1 multiplier,so try to remove yellow chilli and blackberries to get 2 more multipliers and it would be great for more points if you also remove all acorns
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4 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 139”

  1. Pat

    Now it needs 330,00 points. Together with the bad, new design this is really hard. The mouse control is so bad, you often cannot shoot a papa even though the mouse pointer is clearly inside the game area. It looks like they made the rims too large πŸ™ Dumb designers!

  2. Pat

    The bubbles don’t pop anymore, as it is not possible anymore in this new design to shoot on them with the needed power. Such a dumb redesign πŸ™

  3. Pat

    This is strange; in a game like this you should made papa grandes en masse, but I got a single one in five games…

  4. Pat

    A second multiplier comes too late, a third one even more. And making points with peas in pointless…


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