Papa Pear Saga Level 141 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins



Starting Papa’s.18.
Needed 50 carrots.
Well you can make Multipliers on this game by getting rid of the radishes,but the main thing is getting enough carrots,it gets harder when you only need about 5 more.Also try to  make the Fire papa,actually few of them by bouncing from left to right wall,using yellow chillies,here is video link how to do that:
Use the walls to get the bottom carrots when you have cleared the top.


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NEW VIDEO and new tricks for updated level 141 with 16 papas check here:


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  1. Pat

    A very easy level, good for many points (192,000 my score):
    Get the radishes and chilies first for multipliers, then clear the carrots and blueberries on the right for more points, and drop some papas on the center, finally get the last carrots on the left.


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