Papa Pear Saga Level 143 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins



143Starting Papa’s 18.

Needed drop 4 fruit.
You have chances of making multipliers on this level.
Shoot off from the sides so that you can get lots of bounces on to the red radishes.
The fruits will fall down on to the green radishes and it may look like they are stuck there. Clear some of the acorns and berries away from the sides at the bottom,then when you think you can get fruits through use the ends of the green radishes to make the fruit bounce to go through,or if you are lucky enough to hit the berries from under the radishes then they will tip with the weight as the video shows you.

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  1. Pat

    This level is very easy done if you make two fire papas by shooting high to the left and right of the wall. Then use them, and also the multiplier for removing the radishes.
    With ten papas left, I got a whooping 100,000 bonus points, totaling 166,530 !


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