Papa Pear Saga level 146

146Task: Get 430,000 points

Updated level guide for Level 146, now there is only 2 Firepapas so one that is missing is the one they you have to make. Hit the papa on the right side of the wall just a little under the cloud as shown in the video. It is still very hard level so maybe you will have to practice a little and don’t forget to remove 2 blackberries onions, yellow and red chillies because that will give you a total of 4 multipliers that you need very much in this level.

Very important is also how you aim your papa from his bucket so try it, when you want to hit Fire papa that you made aim your arrow very straight (as in the video) or when you want that your papa goes slowly through the carrots, make your arrow like a bow… you will see all this in the attached video.

Good luck for this level


After all hard work they have finally updated level 146, and now you need 350,000 points and game is little easier to pass.

New video link you can check here :


Papa Pear Saga level 146 discussion