Papa Pear Saga Level 148, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


148Starting Papa’s 15.
Task: Drop 4 fruit.

Level 148 is Another fun level to play on.
Some of the cans have spitting melons in, but can be removed easily.The Peas get in the way after a while.


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3 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 148”

  1. lyn best

    This video is nothing like the screen I end up with. Have played this level 25 times already. There are as many cactus under the buckets as there are watermelon. It is impossible to get the fruit down.

    • Pat

      Also my experience. And even worse, fruits are often placed so horribly stupid that there is no way to aim a papa in a way they could be lowered, either they are behind pea pods or they land on unopened cans between two pea pods. An absolutely horrible designed level…

  2. Pat

    Also this new papa pear design on MS Edge really sucks. These idiots at king,com are so indefinitely stupid that they are not even able to program a mouse properly. in the mid of the game they confuse left and right mouse key, the aiming line moves in the opposite direction of the mouse movements, and other strange shit.
    How daft are they at


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