Papa Pear Saga Level 153 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task:Use 6 Fire papas and get 100,000 points


papa 153

With 18 papas you have to make and use 6 Fire papas and don’t worry it is an easy job

First remove 2 upper onions so you have free passage to get to 2 Fire papas that are already in the game.Sometimes one of that Fire papa will remove 3 onions below that you also need to remove,so you can shoot thru the pipes and that way your papa will go to the mill and end up on the other side and make Fire papa.So you need to do that 4 times at least.If your upper Fire papa doesn’t remove those 3 onions don’t worry cause you have enough papa to remove it yourself.Don’t waste your papas on removing chillies,acorns and berries cause when you hit Fire papa it will destroy it anyway and don’t forget to collect any multiplier you get,just to have a better score.We have for you 2 videos that will show you everything. 




2 star video link:

3 star video link:
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  1. Pat

    There is just one problem: When you shoot through the pipes, the papas keep bouncing back, absolutely inexplicable why, instead of going down to the vortex. Only if you are lucky and the bamboo comes up at the right time to prevent that back-bouncing then you get a fire papa. Stupid design again! But three stars anyway…


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