Papa Pear Saga Level 154 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task:light up the buckets and get 50,000 points

With 22 papas you have to light up the buckets that also have 4 covers so remember to remove it you have to hit 3 times.You have 10 mystery cans, and what you get in there usually depends how will you finish this level.If you are lucky you will get some Fire papas or papa Grande and if not then the bombs will be waiting for you that will mass up a little your gameplay,but you will get multipliers (usually first in 2 cans up on both sides.
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  1. Pat

    It really depends on what is in the cans: If there is a spiky cactus above on of the outer buckets, you can immediately quit the level, as it is impossible. Also spikies in the middle are a big problem.
    But having a level without any cactus is possible, and if the last mystery can also has a bucket filler, it is possible to pass…


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