Papa Pear Saga Level 155 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


Task:Bring down 4 fruits and get 30,000 points

papa-155-pic-smallYou have 12 papas so watch your moves cause those mystery cans can have inside bombs or watermelons and rarely Fire papas or some nice power up 
Start from the middle fruit,be careful to remove those onions that will not allow fruits to come down in the buckets but if you are lucky like our Admin,papa will be stuck somewhere and it will actually help you finished he level  If you want to see what are we talking about here is video link:



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  1. Pat

    Just a game of luck. If you have two spikies next to one fruit, it is impossible. Also the fruits often get locked between bamboo and coconuts, which is also impossible to solve. Stupidly designed…


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