Papa Pear Saga Level 160 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: Use 6 Papa Grande and get 500,000 points

papa-160-pic-smallThis is very funny level or shell we call it million levels cause with 17 papas and by making and using Fire papas and Papa Grande you can really get over 1 million score.Remove 2 carrots and 3 watermelons to get 2 multipliers and rock those acorns and onions just don’t forget in order to get Papa Grande your papa needs to bounce 50 times.You all got 3 Fire balls for free try so if you want you can use it in this level so we will show you 2 videos with Fire balls and without.
Video link with Fire ball:
Video with no booster Fire ball :


NEW UPDATE!!! Now you have 3 papa Grande in the game and that makes easier to pass this level.


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Video links before the update in December 2013,


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