Papa Pear Saga Level 163, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task:Use 8 Power-up and get 70,000 points

papa-163-pic-smallWith 28 papas you will have a chance to make or get power ups you need,remove carrots,berries and onions to get multipliers,burst a bubble to get papa Double, and if you bounce papa on those bouncing berries you can even get that Fire papa but don’t try to get that papa grande cause don’t think it is possible.But if you shoot papa into peas you will have a chance to make papa Grande by bouncing on the berries and peas they you will make.We found a trick how to make Fire Papas so try it,link below:


Video link on how to make Fire Papas:

Video link of Admin Lea:

Video link of Admin Peetra:



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  1. Pat

    After failing the first two games miserably with 7 resp. 6 power-ups only, I wondered if it would ever be possible to get eight of them.
    But in the next game I had big luck: got six multipliers (don’t know how), and had 19 (nineteen) papas left, that’s 690,000 points! And no papa grande, but two fire papas, and one burnt three spikies.


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