Papa Pear Saga Level 164 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: Use 4 multipliers and get 150,000 points

papa-164-pic-smallWe have to be honest with you and say it is not easy to get that forth multiplier but if you are lucky sometimes the game will give you 1 multiplier at the beginning of the game and you will not have any problems.But if you don’t get it,first remove in 3 rows all onions and that way you will collect 2 multipliers and make one more and it is total of 3.Then you have to decide will you remove all the acorns or all berries to get that last multiplier.One good thing here is when you have a lot of peas out you can easily get papa Grande which will of course my your score even better 


Video with extra multiplier:
Video with no extra multiplier:
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2 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 164”

  1. Anthony

    ….and for those of us without the power up?….where’s the actual guide….

    • Pat

      Well, if there isn’t an additional multiplier on the board, you have no chance.
      If you remove all the acorns, blackberries, onions, you will get three multipliers, so there must be at least one given. The picture shows two, and that’s what I got, too,
      So that’s five multipliers altogether, and I made 440,000 points…


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