Papa Pear Saga Level 165 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task:Use 10 Power-ups and get 50,000 points

PAPA-165-PIC-smallEven though you have 20 papas and 9 power-ups in the beginning of the game you can imagine it wont be an easy task to use them.As you can see on the picture because of the pipes you can’t easily get to the Fire papa and papa Grande so try to shoot the papa like showing in the pic,let it bounce on acorns or onions.Remove 2 chillies that will give you 1 multiplier,you have 2 more in the game,use them all if you want nice score and they also count as Power-ups so you will have less to use.Of course by bouncing with a papa you will probably collect 2 papa Double as well and you can remove those 6 berries.Don’t forget to use papa Grande even thou it will not bounce a lot,just fall in the buckets, but you will have 2 less power ups to collect/use.Maybe this tips are little confusing but lets just say so is this level 
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  1. Danielle

    Ik hebnog voldoende goudstaven maar omdat het contact met fb is verbroken en niet hersteld lijkte worden, kan ik niet verder. Kan dit aan gepast worden?

  2. Pat

    This looked so hard playing it the first time, and how to get to the power-ups under the bamboo roofs?
    So here’s the trick: Shoot at the walls, somewhat below the highest point, and the papas will bounce to an acorn or onion and op to the power-up. It needs some attempts to find the right spot, but the papas might collect the power-ups on the side meanwhile, so they are not lost.
    Two more multiplier you can get for removing acorns and blackberries, and if you are lucky you will make a papa-double, too.
    So I got over 316,000 points…


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