Papa Pear Saga Level 170, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

170Task: 18 Papas to Remove 22 Berries; 50,000 points.

First remove the red peppers. Next, get the individual berries at the sides by the green spinners. Keep those spinners pointing up, very important! Try for the pairs of berries near the carrots next so a lucky bounce will hit a carrot. You need to remove the end two carrots. Now you can aim between the nut and warp to hit those berries. And be patient because of those watermelon seeds. Hopefully the warps will remove the 4 below the acorns and ones above the center bucket.
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  1. Pat

    No, it is absolutely impossible to shoot between the warp and the coconut. The warp does not move far enough away from the coconut, and every papa will go into the warp and is thus lost…


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