Papa Pear Saga Level 181, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins


181Task: Use 17 Papas to Remove 25 Blackberries and get at least 140 000 points!

Start by hitting the Cauliflowers so they start blowing wind to the right hand side, get at least one cauliflower engaged on each side. Once they’re blowing,  gently curve your aimer to drop a Papa down the bamboo near the Multiplier Bonus Pin to start removing those Blackberries.

The Blackberries by the spikeys and bouncy Blueberry need a similar gentle curved shot.

You’ll probably remove all the carrots, acorns, etc. so you’ll have to curve your aimer into the bamboo gap. The warp spinner will place your papa by the Blackberries on the top right and the level can also be played totally by just getting everything into the spinner after you have made the cauliflowers blow wind.
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3 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 181”

  1. Pixie

    You’ll need plenty of bubbles to protect you so try to hit them a lot before you get the fireballs which will almost definitely knock them out. I finished with a score of 236, 085.

  2. Becky21k

    Somehow I got through this on the first try with a score of 1,908,835 – yes, nearly two million. I got the super size pin inside the bamboo loop, teleported to the top right, and it bounced until it shrank. I’ve had that happen on a couple of other levels, it gets trapped and loads on the points.

    • Pat

      I just had the same, two times. The first game scored 400,000 points, but not enough blackberries, because the papa grande missed too many blackberries.
      Then the next game I got even two papa grandes, 1.200.000 points, and 25 blackberries.


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