Papa Pear Saga Level 185 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 20 Papas to Light Up All Buckets; 105,000 points.



You need points so start by shooting the acorns and onions, dropping your papa on the red and yellow peppers for multipliers. Hit the middle blueberry just to the right and you should bounce into the top cauliflower. Gently aim into the bamboo “chute” and watch your papa blow around, hopefully popping bubbles and hitting lids and open buckets. (The lids move each game.) You may have to destroy the cauliflower if you have trouble hitting the bucket by the bamboo, but make sure all the bubbles inside are popped.
Hitting the edge of the bottom blueberry can bounce you into the covered center bucket. Aim just to the right, avoiding the blueberry to hit the red lidded bucket.
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