Papa Pear Saga Level 187 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 24 Papas to Use 12 Power-Ups, 65,000 points.


187First of all! Yes we know! Papa Pear Saga Level 187 is a very hard level! But don’t worry, because as always we found a solution to pass this level! :D

Sharon Lee, found this tip to get 5x Doubler Bonuses; Aim your line at the bamboo between the green and red buckets so your Papa lands in there and rolls down to bounce on a bucket 5 times for the blue Doubler Bonus. Note that it takes a good portion of right timing to avoid the watermelon seeds, so be patient! Keep your eye on your points too. Two videos, first shows how to make the Doublers, second is Lea’s original making of the Power-Ups.

  1. Doublers (split papa pin) aiming:
  2. Original play:

Youtube Channel the Blogging Witches,  has ALL the help you need for Papa Pear Saga, subscribe to get the best and the freshest demo videos for Papa Pear Saga !



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        11 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 187”

        1. mike

          There must be different versions of this board I only have one bubble plant on each side and they r not that close to the buckets and there is no direct shot to the

          areas between the buckets almost impossi

        2. Debbie

          this level sucks big time been trying to pass it for a very long time tired to use your tip doesn’t work use up so many balls by the time you get what you need its over done with and I am about the same playing this game is over for me finding another game that I can enjoy playing instead of getting frustrated that you can not ever pass it , its impossible NO FUN

        3. Angela

          Level 187: Scored 8 power ups. Now my pear is stuck between a pomegranate and the lid of the bucket and my score is now 77 million and counting. The cannon won’t shoot more pears even though I have several left. Do I have to ‘quit’ and lose now? Or will this ‘loop’ eventually stop?

        4. Hans Wurst

          Thanks to your tips I made it on the very first time :-)
          Not with great points, but finished…


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