Papa Pear Saga Level 187 NEW , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: Use 12 Power-ups + 65,000 points

Papa 187 new 1 PICThis is new, updated level 187 so we had to make new guides and video.

We know you see a lot of drawing on the pic but don’t worry we will explain all.

1. Aim you papa like showing at the picture (number 1) that will remove those 2 watermelons and sometimes even hurt a bit the third one. You  you have to count to shoot after the first watermelon aims.If you are lucky enough one of those papas will go to the right wall and make you a Fire papa. You also have to remove those 2 watermelons so you have a free pass to make fire papas (number 3.

 2.After you did the first step and if peas are not in your way make few Split Papa pegs ,cause this way it will bounce 5 times between green and red bucket.

3. In order to make Fire papas (as much as you want) you can’t have to many peas in that middle area so if you were able to make Fire papa with step 1. , use that Fire papa so it can burn those peas. Once you have a clear path, aim your papa so it bounces on the top of the right pea, it will bounce on the left green pipe and hit the left wall.
All this tips you will see in our video below and maybe you will need few times to practice to make all this perfect shoots.

Good luck !

Video link:
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