Papa Pear Saga Level 188 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 23 Papas to Remove 60 Carrots; 230,000 points.



Shoot out the acorns or onions above the warp spinners to gain access to them. Remove the blackberries so you can slide your papa down the carrot/bamboo “chute”. You’ll make a lot of peas appear but don’t worry unless they block your gentle shot into the warp. The bouncy blueberry will bounce your papa into the other carrot and item sections too.Chances are good that you’ll make a 5x doubler if the blueberry bounces you in. Don’t forget about your red pepper multiplier.

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  1. Pat

    Another level where it is harder to make the minimum score, which is absurdly high, than to reach the primary goal 🙁 Just a single multiplier is possible in average :-(((


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