Papa Pear Saga Level 189 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: Use All Papas; 210,000 points.


189First get that multiplier. Try to shoot towards the right to get it since there’s fewer carrot to bounce off of. A gentle shot to the left top carrot head will bounce you down the left slant of carrots. A very gentle shot, aim above the onion/acorn and you may get an up and down bounce clearing them all. Get rid of the cauliflower so you get that multiplier. Shoot the berries for more points now that you have your extra 2 multipliers. The mystery buckets are very hard to hit, luck might get you in there. Try bouncing off the left wall to get at the carrots and stuff under the curved bamboo. This is a hard level to write tips for so good luck!

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  1. Pat

    Something is wrong with this level. Did everything exactly as described, but never can get more than around 170,000 points. It is impossible to hit the blackberries under the lower bamboo, and how could you if a cactus is on top of the only gap?


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