Papa Pear Saga Level 190, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: Use All Papas; 210,000 points.



Moving spikes cause havoc. Gently bounce off the bamboo trying to hit the red and yellow peppers for your multipliers. Gently aim at the top carrot on the “bamboo box” to remove it and hopefully fall in for the fireball. If the fire papa doesn’t hit the bottom carrot and fall it will go out, no more fire. (Happened to me.) Now hope you bounce round and burn up a lot of spikes. Carefully shoot out areas with lots of items and sleeping spikes.

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  1. Pat

    No problem to get the fire papas (the left side is even easier than the right), but then it happens what always happens in this game: they go straight to the (outer) buckets, not hitting any cactus at all !!!
    Other great things that happen regularly: A papa grande hitting a cactus, then hitting it twice more – gone.
    Or a papa double, which normally always split in opposite directions, but when near a bucket, they both go straight down there!
    What a rotten level πŸ™


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