Papa Pear Saga Level 191, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 20 Papas to Remove 94 Carrots; 240,000 points.



Start by making a Fireball Bonus by bouncing your Papa from left to right. Hope that the Mystery Cans aren’t full of farting spikeys. You might have to remove some of the upper Carrots first. Hit your Fireball and see what you can burn out. Then it’s shoot where the Carrots are. You may get a bounce off the moving blueberries to hit the fireball bonus within bamboos but with all the acorns and onions in the way it’s hard.

If you want firepapas, just remove all the upper carrots and start bouncing papas via the right hand side first (keep pointer high, shoot sharp) , you can easily make half a dozen of fire papas yourself at Level 191 if there are no obstacles from the upper Mystery cans.

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  1. Pat

    240,000 points, 13 papas left, and one stuck on a bamboo :-S
    Gladly is came down after a minute or so…


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