Papa Pear Saga Level 192 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 21 Papas to Remove 33 Blackberries; 130,000 points.


192Start by shooting the 2 berries on top, aiming just at the leaf of the bottom one (striking both), hopefully bouncing you to the acorns/onions or another berry. Repeat until the top 2 berries are gone.

I hope you have clear access to the head and end of the carrot or that they are already gone. Gently aim between the bubble and carrot to roll around between them, removing the carrots and most likely the berry at the bottom of the carrot circle. The remaining carrot and onions are your friends now as a gentle shot can do a double bounce and remove the berry.
Aim just above and inside the pea pod stem to enter the warp spinner. If you end up inside the bamboo blocked berries hope for lucky bounces to clear most of them out.
Lower right berries are hard to get. Use a gently curved aimer and start with the top one. If you remove bit of carrot you can remove the carrot between it and the bubble. Try aiming gently or bounce off the left wall to hit others. I have no idea ho to get into the lower warp. Can’t find that spot by the clouds to get in.
Get the bottom 2 berries by the orange bucket by having a clear, straight line shot at the top nub of the stick coming out of the hay on the right. You might have to move up or down a tiny bit, but it’ll hit them.

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  1. Pat

    These warps do not work anymore. The papas just emerge slightly above them, not inside of the bamboo anymore. rotten level again!

  2. Pat

    The papa went into the upper ring of bamboo, and then never reached the lower part, even though there is no other way out.
    How is that possible without manipulation by


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