Papa Pear Saga Level 194 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: Use All Papas; 270,000 points.


194Hard level because of the spikes and bubbles. Aim at the set of 8 onions on the left, specifically the lower 2 on right, and remove them. These shots should clear out a bunch of onions and carrots on the right. You want that yellow pepper multiplier.

Next bounce off the left wall between the onions and bamboo, removing the onions around the fireball. With luck you can hit the fireball and burn out all the spikes. Use the warp spinner or a gentle curved aimer to remove the 2 acorns and berry on the right between the bamboo.

If bouncing off the gap on the left wall isn’t getting you points try shooting into the warp, your papa will appear above the center blueberry and bounce towards the acorns. The warp seems to send your papa to the right side bamboo twice then the center blueberry twice.

Last in the post you can find the old video for Level 194, where the lilies couldn’t be killed, the first video is made 28th October when the feature on how to deal with lilies was changed.


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  1. Rick

    I have completed this level twice. Both times i received the message, you were so close you only need -128,00 points in one case on -14000 points on the other. it seems as is there is a glitch but I am unable to get past this level despite completing it.


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