Papa Pear Saga Level 195 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 19 Papas to Use 13 Power-Ups; 150,000 points.



195This level is all about fireballs. Have your top two cauliflowers blowing. Then it’s just shoot at the left wall being sure to bounce off the bamboo and your papa will be blown into the right wall. Watch too see that all your yellow peppers and berries on the right are removed for their multipliers. If you need to you can gently curve your aimer to remove all the watermelons for a multiplier.

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  1. Pixie

    You score a new fireball if you hit both sides with the same papa. I make the cauliflowers blow then hit the left side just above the bamboo . It will bounce near the cauliflower then go to the other wall. You need to keep those cauliflowers blowing to help you with this but it can be done even if they blow out.


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