Papa Pear Saga Level 197, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 20 Papas to Light up all Buckets; 35,000 points.


papa 197Start by hitting both cauliflower, you need them to blow to move your papa across the moving bamboo gap. Aim at the left bamboo’s eyes in the “chute” to slow your papa and remove the 3 carrots by the berries and green spinner. Your papa should now be blown at the berries or straight across to the end bucket. Papas removing the berries will cause the spinner to tilt down on the right side helping you hit the second from right bucket. Once the right two buckets are lit hit the cauliflower to remove them. Try for that multiplier if it’s accessible. Depending what covers are left, since they move each game, you can gently curve your aiming line to drop onto the left bucket. Shooting at the left bamboos eyes again will drop your papa down onto the carrots, removing them and the lids below. The warp spinner will reappear your papa over the right bucket or center of the bamboo chute.


Level 197 was launched as the second level in episode Easter Pear.

We have uploaded two different walkthroughs for you to learn from, the upper one for 3 stars by Lea. Neither video uses any boosters, and we don’t think you’ll need them at Level 197 either.
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  1. dxtrfn

    I took me 5 weeks to win and bought boosters and extra papas to just get 1 star. Insanely hard


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