Papa Pear Saga Level 199, video walk through by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 15 Papas to Drop all the Fruit; 70,000 points.


papa 199Start by removing the watermelons. The top acorns and yellow peppers might be in the way, but the bounce off a seed should remove them. Aim for the watermelon as your seeds pass your cannon. Hit their multiplier once their gone. Try not to drop your fruit between the bouncy blueberry and spiky or it’ll get stuck. If so, curve your aimer to remove the yellow peppers and acorns/onions underneath. If the 3 acorns by the lids are gone the fruit might just roll to the center bucket. The warp spinners will drop you above a covered lid, hitting an acorn at first on the left or into the right side moving spikes.
“Spikey Boxed” fruit, like apple here, can be removed by timing your shot to hit the 2 acorns, then aim at the side acorns or onions, hitting the edge of the fruit. But first all the yellow peppers must go.One quick tip:if you shoot the wall where is the tail of the cloud,and your papa bounce on the first upper right bouncing blueberry, it will go to the left wall and make you a Fire papa,as much as you want.


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This is Level video for level 199, where you have to bring down a bunch of fruits.

It is not so easy, since you also will get problems with a score. Remove the melons ASAP to get a multiplier bonus peg.

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