Papa Pear Saga Level 200 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: Use All Papas; 150,000 points.

papa 200

Multipliers! Clear out top row of carrots to get at the red and yellow peppers and acorns. Due to the layout your papa will most likely head towards the walls and the spikes and bubble flowers. Use a curved aiming line to try to keep your papa at your center peppers. Aim at the eyes of the red bucket to bounce you into the warp spinner to get inside the bamboo trapped berries and multiplier. It might have you reappear above the bamboo circle or below the 3 peapods. It’s a tough shot to get just right. You’ll most likely clear out a lot of the lower carrots too so don’t forget about that multiplier.

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  1. Pat

    Most important to gain points: You have to get a papa grande into the vortex, teleported inside of the pea pod. Over 800,000 points can be scored by this!


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