Papa Pear Saga Level 202 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 10 Papas to Use 6 Papa Grandes; 15,000 points.

Update in November 2013.: Use 6 Power-ups

papa 202A tough shot level. Aim for the whites of the carrots eyes, and hopefully you’ll bounce back and forth between the two earning the Grande bonus. If you don’t have a free Grande in any mystery can just practice aiming for the eyes. Watch out for the spikes too. (Lines by Lea.)






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New video with 6 power ups check here:


8 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 202”

  1. Debbier

    the version I have shows carrots ontop unable to get the bonus to pass this level does not match the version you show here to help need help please

  2. Karen Kelleher

    I, too, am on level 202, and my version has no spikes, but has oeooers on top of carrots, and down below carrots by buckets are acorns, i can only seem to get 5 power ups over and over again. the 15,000 points are NO problem. there are three mystery cans but one of mine always has a nut thing in it that does not die. so peppers = PU, Acorns = PU,, cans = 2 pu, and if you get rid of all the carrots they would = pu so therefore, that equals 5, then you have to HOPE for a good bounce or off the wall bounce for ire papa, or something! It’s hard to get another pu to hit to complete it!

    • Karen Kelleher

      never mind, just passed it. gotta keep going for the wall to wll bounce. get as high as you can on right side t bounce all the way to left. do it as many times as you can fast.

    • Pat

      You cannot remove all carrots, there are never enough moves for that.
      Only chance is having two fire papas by bouncing from the wall, a multiplier, and three more power-ups in the cans. If there is a spiky or something else, forget the level!

  3. Trevor

    My wife is on level 435 she has just updated to new level n now it won’t let her connect to face book after repeated request from her no reply why don’t you fix it or get new I T people

  4. Hans Wurst

    The level description is not up to date anymore. There are 6 big red carrots blocking the top.

  5. Papa Tips

    That description was for the original version and video. We don’t write new descriptions every time King changes a level, just new videos.
    Watch the second (NEW) video for help.


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