Papa Pear Saga Level 212, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 5 Papas to Remove 100 Carrots; 55,000 points.

papa 212 Start by shooting at the tree cannon on the left then watch the carrots get removed. You should remove about 60+ carrots on that first shot earning you a papa grande.

Aim for that Papa Grande pin next if it’s accessible to help remove more carrots. If the cauliflower get hit they will blow your papa towards the spiky. Also aim at big groups of remaining carrots and try to bounce them towards other carrots to get you to the 100. The last few can be the hardest.
Your papa may not make it’s maze-like journey through the carrots and fall off one of the curves making it pretty much impossible to succeed with so few papas.




This is Papa Pear Saga Level 212 played by Lea from Croatia. Have the papa logs bounce your papas and the caul flower to blow your papa around the display.




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  1. Hans Wurst

    This tree cannon is very unreliable. most of the time it fails on the second turn already.


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