Papa Pear Saga Level 214, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 22 Papas to Use 12 Power-Ups; 100,000 points.

papa 214 Start by shooting a papa or two between the carrots and peas to remove the onions. You should bounce off some chilies into the tree cannon emerging by one wall or the other.

The right wall will clear the blackberries (multiplier) into the warp again, sending you to the left wall for a hopeful fire ball bonus. Try to remove any carrots left before they are surrounded by peas.

Aim at either the chilies or watermelon and you should hit the middle tree cannon shooting your papa into the chilies. These tree cannons don’t have enough power to shoot your papa into the next tree cannon.
You will need to hit the warp to get the 3 acorns and mystery can on the left. If there are lots of peas out by the right side try to get between them and the pea pod, bouncing off both to make a grande bonus.


(First make) Use 12 PowerUps within 22 Papas from the Pear Cannon.
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