Papa Pear Saga Level 215 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 20 Papas to Light Up all Buckets; 30,000 points.
papa 215 Lets make fire ball bonuses by aiming in between the 2 lines below the stalactite’s smile by the left wall. You need to have the top tree cannon heading to the right and the next one down moving to the left. That should shoot your papa across the second row of tree cannons hitting the right wall. You may have to adjust your aim up or down a bit to hit the second row of tree cannons. Fire papas do two times the damage to a lid so that’s very helpful.
Hitting the lids all depends on where your papa is with the tree cannons and how many cauliflower are blowing. The far right is easy once you remove the cauliflower with the second row of tree cannons. If the bottom right cauliflower is blowing, it likely will be, you need to remove it, or your papa will go in circles. The bottom tree cannon will catch your papa, shoot it to the bottom center tree cannon to the tree cannon pointing down, but it will be blown to the left to start the shooting loop again.
To use your fire ball bonuses be sure to aim to the right of them because the blowing cauliflower will alter a direct shot.

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Video of 2 stars !

Video of gameplay for Level 215 getting 3 stars!


5 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 215”

  1. Pat

    How could you ever get a papa into the left bucket???
    On its way down it will always get into a wood that will shoot it to the right !?

  2. Pat

    In the end you will always get the right buckets filled five times each, not enough for a color stone, and have a lot of fire balls left over that you can not reach, just like the buckets on the enter to left…

  3. Pat

    Hey, I just got a multiplier for removing ALL cauliflowers!
    How did I do that?
    Just by shooting on the fireballs, and then let the papas bounce around wildly…

  4. Okapi

    The current configuration of the background doesn’t have a smiling stalactite. Just the light stalactites in the background. How sad.


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