Papa Pear Saga Level 216, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 15 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 25,000 points.

papa 216 A frustrating level because of the spikes and uncertainty of where the tree cannons will shoot. Clearing the bottom two fruit is a lucky bounce to hit the acorn from the tree cannons closest to the pink bucket on each side. They will shoot your papa back and forth hitting buckets, maybe making a doubler bonus.
Shoot your papa just to the left of the stalactite’s left eye and you might get the tree cannons to turn the correct way to get you a fire ball bonus. This same shot might get your papa to hit the trees that are pointing at the corner onions at the top fruit.





There is on more way to pass this level.

Left side fruit – right eye of mastodon, shoot when the tree mouth is up.
Center fruit – at line hitting the “2 o’clock” tree cannon. Shoots at corner onion. Repeat until corner onion gone and you hit fruit bouncing papa into other onions clearing them. May fall onto one of the two lower cannon curves and get stuck though.
Right side fruit- just below an eyebrow, shoot when the tree mouth is at 4 or 5 o’clock.

Picture shows where to shoot with lines. Timing is key with the end fruits because of the rotating tree cannons.

Fotografija Rich Kempter


OMG! Look at those wooden stubs! The fetch the papa and spit it out in a different direction!  Sad that we do not get points for those bounces, would be cool to get a little something and just not watch it bounce around.


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  1. Hans Wurst

    The level can be finished on the first try with five papas left, and top three high score 🙂


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