Papa Pear Saga Level 217 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 10 Papas to Remove 60 Acorns; 35,000 points.

With only 62 acorns available you will probably need a fire ball bonus to burn the spikey fart in the middle.

But First! Shoot to one side to get the top cauliflower and others blowing, as your papa goes from one side to another. Having all cauliflower blowing is important but the 2 on each side that are in the corners are very important. The lower cauliflowers blow you into the spikey fart. πŸ™

Multiple papas help remove acorns since they bounce into each other and you don’t need such a puff by the cauliflowers to move you around the upper acorn areas.
Making a fire ball bonus takes some luck. Shoot at the top cauliflower you did to start the game. Aim as high as possible and continue to shoot it until it’s removed, one shot at a time. You’ll need a lucky bounce to send the papa to the other wall and back.

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2 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 217”

  1. Hans Wurst

    ‘This level is soooo booooring. You can (have to!) watch the papas floating around for many minutes, until they have hit the last acorn…

    • Pat

      Yep, but at least you can pass on the first try, thanks to the help here, so you can proceed quickly to the next level…
      Also got all 62 acorns removed by a fire-papa-grande, but the multiplier for the carrots was in a bad place between the cauliflowers πŸ™


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