Papa Pear Saga Level 218, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

They lowered the points from 950,000 to 95,000 making it much easier. Start by shooting straight down to pop the top bubbles.

You should now have a narrow gap between 2 bubbles and the blueberries. Shoot straight into it, hitting the blueberries and bouncing off the bubbles until you get 95,000 points. If your papa gets stuck on the blueberries and back in the shooter repeat same shot.

Now about the buckets. Aim at the walls and have your papa bounce off the edge of the bamboo to fall straight down. The left side, aim at the left eye. See where your papa hits and adjust a little. Do the same on the right.
Getting the center 3 means popping all the upper bubbles which will probably start some cauliflower blowing. Using a gently curved aiming line you can get by the blueberries to hit the blowing slanted cauliflower to remove it.
The center bucket is the hardest, especially if it has a lid. If you have a lot of shots left and a slanted cauliflower is gone aim at the lip of a lit bucket. I like the red bucket because you can aim just at his right eye and bounce off both sides of the bucket (adjust slightly if needed). You want to hit the lit bucket edge 7 times to make the rainbow bucket opener bonus. Shoot at that and win.

Watch Lea does this successfully in this following video walkthrough that is freshly uploaded to youtube.
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6 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 218”

    • Pat

      You have to shoot carefully, but with some speed vertical into the bubbles, then only the center bubble will burst, and the papa will bounce between the bubbles and the blueberries. This can make a million points sometimes…

  1. Hans Wurst

    The limit is now 20,000 points only.
    I don’t know how to make 950,000 points, as there is almost nothing on the board to hit at all…
    The top score is about 137,000 now.

    • Pat

      Seems this site is not maintained anymore. No new comments, and they didn’t get the minimum score corrected for a full year now…

  2. Pat

    Made the level with 9 papas left, not touching any cauliflower or other things, except for some top bubbles…
    No, this doesn’t make sense, and it doesn’t earn many points (only 57,000, but someone managed to pass with 25,000, and I have no clue how to score so few points!), but it is possible 🙂


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