Papa Pear Saga Level 222 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: Use All Papas to get 550,000 points.

Look at how lovely this level is. Such a work of art.

Start destroying the artwork by removing the top two watermelons.

Your papas will start removing items, slowly working down removing items, creating grande bonuses.
You’d think with so many items to remove you could get 550,000 points easily, but you can’t. You need at least 1 multiplier in the mystery can, hopefully 2, and to create 2 more by removing the onions and acorns. You’re bound to hit a grande or doubler which will really remove items quickly, and you could be stuck with a fairly empty board and not enough points. Hit those multipliers as fast as you can.

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3 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 222”

  1. suzanne ames

    I have completed level 222 a couple times and as I shoot the last ball the game locks up…. I keep beating the level and yet have to play it again….help

  2. Pat

    One multiplier is definitely not enough, Removed about everything, and only scored 366,000 points. How bad 🙁

    • Pat

      Now it was much nicer than then: 621,000 points, and three multipliers (two in the cans, one for i-don’t-know-what)…
      But if there aren’t two multipliers in the cans (or there is a spikey), you have no chance…


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