Papa Pear Saga Level 223 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 15 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 15,000 points.

What an evil level with watermelon seeds and blowing cauliflower to divert your shots!

The video shows how to make a fire ball bonus

Fewer watermelon makes hitting each wall easier. Hope your bonus is in a good spot and makes a fire papa, most likely hitting spikes, watermelons, and cauliflower if they aren’t blowing.
The hard part is getting your papa to hit the onions to start freeing the fruit. You can access by removing the top cauliflower by hitting it on it’s edge 3 times. You have to shoot before it comes into the center or your papas will blow around. Once that cauliflower is gone carefully shoot at the onions, avoiding the spikes. You’ll need a lot of papas to remove the onions and get the lower cauliflower blowing to blow the fruit out. A fire ball bonus would be very helpful, but they are hard to make.

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One more way to pass this level is by “blind” straight aimnig your papa in the middle :


9 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 223”

  1. Josi Pastora

    On level 223 for a week or more now. I’m ready to give up. For some reason, I don’t get any fireballs no matter where I hit. The same with hitting popups. They don’t generate on my ipad or laptop. Ready to give up the game!

  2. Josi Pastora

    Hi Valerie, it looks like you play Pearl as much as I do. I sent you a friend request if you need another player. I play every day & send energy & tickets. I also belong to Faith’s group. Thank you, Josi

    • Pat

      Yes, you need to get a fire papa and then it need to burn everything. This is one of the rare levels where the melons help: they keep the fire papa up and prevent if from going down the bucket quickly as it happens in every other level…
      10 papas left, 123,00 points 🙂

  3. Hans Wurst

    Just played the level for two times, then passed it. Not many points, but passed anyway.

    Going straight through the center, taking out the melons, then the cauliflower, then going through the onions, and have another cauliflower blow out the fruit is the way to go.

    • Pat

      It almost worked, the fruit was out and jumping around, but the last papa died before and terminated the level early :-(((

  4. Hans Wurst

    Hitting the walls to get a fire papa is not a feasible strategy. If you ever make it through the rain of seeds to a wall, you are much more likely to end at a spiky than to go anywhere else.


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