Papa Pear Saga Level 226 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 12 Papas to Remove 95 Carrots; 35,000 points.

A hard level. Start by shooting your papa at the eyes of the slanted bamboo right where the circle is on the picture when the tree is about to hit it’s lowers point. It may take a few shots but you should get your papa to roll between both rows of carrots and up the side ones.
Clear out the curved carrots and get as many as you can. You will probably need to curve your aiming line to avoid the warp spinner to get ones you missed. To hit the warp, shoot between the 3rd ad 4th nut. Nut #1 is hidden by your score and your papa will reappear by one of the tow carrot columns by each wall. Watch your aiming line when working to the right of the bamboo because the top moving tree will get in the way for a split second!
There’s no direct way to hit the bottom tree needed to shoot your papa into the tree by the ring of carrots at the bottom. The bottom tree needs to have your papa when it starts moving to the left or it won’t shoot it into the other tree.

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4 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 226”

  1. Susan

    None of the trees move on my game. All of the sample games I’ve seen have 2 moving trees.

  2. Hans Wurst

    The three stars are hard. The level as such isn’t, and can be made on every second attempt or so.
    You just have to go to the right first, and get the papa at the right time in the upward tree canon. The rest is simple…


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