Papa Pear Saga Level 233 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 12 Papas to Remove 20 Acorns; 6,000 points.

Start my shooting the top mystery can. Hope for something helpful and not a nut, spiky, or blueberry or you’re probably going to lose. Remove the mystery can item on it’s edge, trying to bounce your papa up into one of the acorns. Keep trying to bounce as this as you remove everything in the center.
You can directly hit all the acorns on top of the trees and the ones under the edge trees if the green spinner isn’t in the way. A for the rest of the acorns, see how the spinners are aiming because they slow the tree shot down. When down to the last few needed acorns see how your spinners are pointing and where the acorns are. Sometimes it’s easier to just aim at a top tree and hope it works your papa down versus shooting at a lower tree. The trees don’t shoot you towards the top.

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5 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 233”

  1. Teri

    These tips just helped me clear the level!!! The one that helped me the most was ‘hit the mystery can on the edge’! I literally read the tips, clicked back to the game, & CLEARED THE LEVEL! Thank you!!!!!

  2. Hans Wurst

    Just another waste of lives. Just depending on luck, and the spinners never can be counted on, they just make the level worse than it is anyway. Easier to reach three stars than 20 acrons…


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