Papa Pear Saga Level 236 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 25 Papas to Use 20 Power-Ups; 140,000 points.

This level may look easy, but it’s all about what’s in the mystery cans. Start by shooting at the top carrot which unfortunately will bounce you into the bubble flower and maybe the peppers or more flowers and carrots. Shoot at the top edge mystery can if you can or any clear mystery can on the edge. Hopefully you’ll gets lots of multipliers, fireballs, doublers and grandes, and your papa will just drop down on each can clearing power ups. Try to clear the cans on one side first then go for the other side.
Save any objects to remove on the edges unless you have a clear shot and start clearing out the red and yellow peppers and cans in the center for multipliers and mystery can items. That is your choice depending on what has been removed from the center already and what’s on the edges. It’s possible to have a few cauliflower or watermelons on the edge requiring many shots so look for easy power up making opportunities.
If you have power ups close to each other try to hit one on it’s edge bouncing into the other. Not easy shots but it’s worth a try to save you a papa. Enjoy the mystery!

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