Papa Pear Saga Level 237 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 15 Papas to Light Up Buckets; 20,000 points.

Hard level with only 15 papas and 12 needed to light the lidded buckets. Make a curved aiming line that doesn’t get hit by the carrot and put it just above the pea pod stem. Your papa should rapidly bounce off the wall and pea pod finally falling onto the bucket. If there are no peas in the way shoot again as soon as the lid is hit until you light the buckets.
The uncovered buckets will need your papa to be bouncing around by the blueberries to go down the bamboo so this is the perfect time to hit any peas blocking your edge aiming.
The center bucket may be hit by luck by working on the other buckets. Remove as many of the lower carrots so your papa falls down and hits the onions hopefully hitting the lid or lighting it up. The center blueberry may bounce your papa into the side blueberries sending you toward the onions or bucket.

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