Papa Pear Saga Level 238 , tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admins

Task: 25 Papas to Drop the Fruit; 90,000 points.
Don’t hit the top left cauliflower or it’s basically un-passable. Start by curving your aiming line to shoot your papa between the onions and peas on top left fruit, like in the picture, until they’re all gone. Try removing the lower or top corner onions so you can push the fruit out by the pea pod.
Shoot at the top right fruit gently hitting the onions so your papa drops in and removes one of the “side walls” of onions. Hitting those 3 right side cauliflower help in blowing your papa up to the top right fruit and maybe even the center one too.
Try to get the center fruit while you still have cauliflower to help blow your papa into the onions. If the cauliflower are gone bounce of the bottom of the pea pod by the left fruit.
The lower left fruit, with spinning cauliflower removed, is fairly easy to drop. Gently bounce on top, clear a side wall of onions, then hit the fruit on the opposite side to drop it.
The bottom right fruit can be the hardest. You’re going to make a lot of peas with the top horizontal and right vertical pea pods. Clear as many as you can and gently aim for the top of the onions. If the fruit leans to the left hope you bounce off a pea into the onions and pea pod since there is no direct shot if you’ve removed the right side onions.
It’s a potentially frustrating level but if your fruit is bouncing around free wait to see where it lands before shooting a papa at it. There’s worse to come…

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