Papa Pear Saga Level 239, tips by Papa Pear Saga Help Admin Lea K.

Task : Use All Papas; 580,000 points.

papapearsagacheatengineWe know this is a little tricky levels but as always we have some great tips for you.

1. You need to get the first multiplier by aiming on the little eyes when the bucket comes to that area.
2. You need to remove ALL onions to get the 2. multiplier.
3. You need to remove ALL acorns to get the 3. multiplier.
Now lock and the second picture…


After you got your 3 multipliers this is what you need to do next:
4. If you want the fire papa and remove some acorns you need to aim where the yellow line is.
5. Black line is where you need to aim to collect blueberries.
6. Purple lines are on the little “comma” between the big eyes and little eyes-this way you will shoot your papa to the section showing on the picture.
One more tip: if you don’t want the fire papa if you aim on the big eyes when bucket comes on that area it will shoot your papa to the section where the acorns are so you will be able to remove them also.


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3 Responses to “Papa Pear Saga Level 239”

  1. Pat

    No, you get the second multiplier by removing the chili (bottom left), and the third with the onions.

    Photos do not show for quite a long time now!
    So how to know where to aim???

    • Pat

      After getting the second multiplier, go for the blueberries. The left section you can reach just by dropping a papa into, the other two are very hard to time with the wood canon.

      If you succeed, you can score 900,000 points!

      When I reached the 480,000 points (level is 100,000 points lower now!), I had 12 papas left and didn’t know what to do with them 🙂

    • Mainewil Peetra without a last name, but soon to be Mrs. Vickers

      I actually found the images now! 😀


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